Are door knobs or levers/handle better?

Are door knobs or levers/handle better?

Door handles and door knobs can both be used to open or close a door. A door handle is a lever operated device while a door knob usually is shaped like a oval or round shape. Although there is a huge difference in appearance, they both have the same function – to engage or disengage the latch bolt from the striker plate located in the door. Ultimately we view it as personal taste and choice which item is used however there are a few aspects of the functionality and aesthetics that we would recommend should be taken into consideration when making this choice.

While there is no single reason why you should choose a door handle over a door knob or visa versa, there are benefits and drawbacks that may influence the decision.

Door knobs of any design are capable of adding a touch of elegance and style to an interior. The same design of door knob can be situated in a highly modern interior or a rustic and traditional setting, in different colour ways and look equally stunning. Door Knobs especially add taste in older period properties, due to the more traditional nature of the door knob. Door knobs also suit modern renovations of period properties; and often modern finishes are chosen to compliment the blend of the old and the new.

When fitted correctly, door knobs can be operated by turning the knob either way regardless of the configuration of the door. Door knobs can come in a large variety of sizes to suit different size doors. Door knobs also need to be set back into the door further than a door handle to prevent users catching their knuckles on the door frame when using the door knob.

Door knobs require good grip to operate and turn the knob which sometimes can be challenging for children or the elderly who may not have enough grip to open a door, which could present a potential hazard in the case of an emergency.

With door handles a tight grip is not required to operate. Only light pressure is needed to open the door. For ease of operation, especially in case of an emergency, a set of door handles should be the first choice. If having a tight grip is not an issue, you may wish to opt for a set of door knobs.

Door lever handles are a much more recent technology than door knobs, although they have been around for hundreds of years. Now the door lever is very integrated with modern interior design. Door levers really counter the drawback of door levers when it comes to strength and dexterity of the user. Users will often find themselves opening the door with either elbow, which is a great demonstration of the convenience of the door lever.

With levers there is a wide variety of options which can facilitate different functions. Lever on round rose or lever on backplate are options that can be chosen for practical or aesthetic reasons. A door lever on a backplate can incorporate a keyhole or bathroom turn and release saving the need to purchase these elements separately.

Sometimes a door lever will not lend themselves aesthetically to older period properties. Function is an important aspect but in many homes aesthetics would play a vital part in the decision making process. In this instance aesthetics may be seen as a more important aspect than function in the decision making process.